Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Love You Daddy!

Yes, I have videographical evidence that my daughter does in fact LOVE me.

Now, granted, she hasn't entirely mastered the English Language, and granted, she might actually be telling me to "go away", but if you listen closely to the video below... and if you use your imagination, you can (almost) distinctly make out the words "I love You Daddy!"... again, it might be "Eye Blove Yonder Andy"... but I'm going with the 1st translation.

... and yet, it *could* still be Mandarin for something else... uh, like, oh never mind. Its I LOVE YOU DADDY!

Now, again, one might think that I'm thrilled to death about this video and the fact that my daughter is stating her unwavering love for me... but I would feel as if I were leading you along a falsehood should I choose not to reveal the following tidbits of information:
  1. She was infact talking to her MOTHER when she was professing her undying love
  2. When I DID enter the room to hear the wonderous news, she immediately shut up
  3. I still have not heard the above from her own two lips
  4. I have however heard it many times in the way she runs away from me screaming, curls in to the fetal position when I pick her up, and generally still yells 'BU YOW!' when I want a kiss. ;-)
  5. I DO feel it tho, when she rests in my arms and cuddles in, when she comes slowly to me after she gets hurt, or when she climbs on my back and laughs until she can't hold on anymore
But even THAT isn't the important point. The important thing here is that I have PROOF when she hits the teen years that there was a time where she DID in fact love me.

Ping: Daddy, you can't MAKE me stop seeing Jed!
Me: Sure as heck I can!
Ping: Oh Daddy! I HATE you!
Me: What? Why? Trust me... you are better off with-out that red-neck hill-billy from Winchester!
Ping: DADDY! He is NOT a red-neck!
Me: Ah, but he IS from Winchester! Winchester!!! Where did I go wrong?!
Ping: You are so lame...
Me: You know, THIS is the reason I built the moat...
Ping: And bought the shut-gun... I know.
Me: I'm just trying to protect my little innocent Baby!
Ping: But Daddy, I don't NEED you to protect me!
Me: Yes. You do.
Ping: No... I don't!
Me: Look, we finally agree that you can date, and you bring home some rusted-out-Camero driving, gun toting, slick-backed-hair, ripped jeans wearing, transmission sitting in the bathtub hick named 'Jed' from Winchester home! If you wanted to earn our trust, you should have brought home some Toyota driving Dentist-wanna be named Winston... or something.
Ping: Didn't you and Mom teach me to be responsible? Grown up? To make good decision?
Me: No, I taught you that. You mother taught you many things... like, how to spend my money... or, how to get your way...
Ping: I know you love me...
Me: ... or how to turn a "quote" into a purchase...
Ping: ... but you have to learn to let go a little.
Me: ... or how to manipulate your future husband into getting you a drink of water every night after he is snugly tucked into bed, warm and toasty and almost asleep.
Ping: ... just a little.
Me: ... or how to ...
Ping: Dad, focus!
Me: Look, I know you are growing... you are what, 14 now? And you want to start making decisions for yourself...
Ping: 33 Dad. I'm 33.
Me: Right, and THAT'S why you are finally allowed to date!
Ping: I hate you.
Me: Oh but you didn't always!
Ping: I'm pretty sure I did.
Me: Oh no, look, I have proof on my Video Camera from when you were 4! Ping? Ping?! *siiiiigh*


  1. Bummer I wanted to see the proof but your blogger video isn't workeing.....
    that's ok...I'm laughing so hard I probably couldn't hear it anyway......LOL.
    You crack me up!
    I'm certain she loves you.

    So that's the hill-billy version. What if the door bell rings and it's a tall (er than you) Armoni (sp) suit wearing, GQ punk still smelling the wind off his back from Wall St. and he thinks he's better than you?
    LOL....Just courious ;O)

  2. Hurray! Those are the most wonderful words aren't they! - Teri

  3. You're crazy!! Those are beautiful words!

  4. Ok had to come back to see if video was working and clearly that was exactly what it sounded to a daddy's ears. Sweet!

  5. Sylvie, Michel & KloĆ©January 24, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    Ping Jade definitely LOVES her DADDY;) Music to your ears;)

    Hugs from Nova Scotia