Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just wanna Sleep...

Last night was a fun night... here's a bit of a run down for an average night for a family of 4 children... at least, average for us.

1900h: Start the bedtime routine for the girls.
1903h: Clean up the toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom counter.
1905h: Start getting Dear Daughter#1 (DD1) into her jammies.
1906h: Start chasing DD1 since she thought it was hilarious to run around the house in her under pants.
1912h: Finish getting DD1 into her jammies.
1915h: Find Dear Daughter#2 (DD2) hiding under the dresser in the closet.
1920h: Still trying to coax her out from under the dresser.
1925h: Now trying to coax her out from under her bed.
1927h: Caught her by the foot, she got sloppy and a little too cocky.
1930h: Finish getting DD2 into her jammies.
1931h: Got a book to read.
1932h: Wrong book. Getting a new book.
1933h: Found a book DD1 likes.
1934h: Now looking for a book DD2 will stop crying over. She can't even understand it! Arrrgh!
1940h: Finished reading book #1. Ready to pray over them.
1941h: Starting 2nd book... still havn't prayed.
1945h: Escape thier bedtime routine after many many many many hugs and kisses (they still compete to get the "last hug" from Dad before bed).
1946h: Realise I forgot to pray over them, go back in.
1947h: Trying to coax DD2 out from under her bed.
1950h: Trying to coax DD1 out from under her bed.
1952h: Give up. They can figure it out.
1953h: Start tuning guitar #1, and talking to Son #2 (S2).
1955h: Crying from girls room... apparently, thier blankets are not on them. Well, of course not! They are still under the bed!
1956h: Re-tuck in the girls.
1957h: Start tuning guitar #2 with S2.
2000h: S2 starts his bedtime routine.
2005h: Start tuning the Violin.
2006h: Waiting for S2 to get his jammies on so I can read to him.
2010h: Still waiting...
2012h: Tuning a violin is very hard.
2015h: How long does it take to put on jammies?!
2025h: Finally! Go start reading to S2.
2045h: Pray, leave... start making lunches for tomorrows school.
2100h: Go pick up Son#1 (S1) from Youth Group.
2105h: Finish making lunches. (yes, the church IS that close)
2110h: Check the Sens game... ouch.
2115h: Go read to S1... oh, look, Wife beat me to it.
2130h: Tuck wife into bed.
2135h: Go downstairs, start to work...
2136h: Darn! I forgot, I reformatted my hard drive! I don't have MS Office. But I need to work on this Excel file.
2137h: Start downloading Open Office.
2140h: This is taking FOREVER! Oh well... turn on Canada VS US.
2230h: Ah, finished downloading! Start installing... oh wait... computer downloaded updates... has to reboot.
2232h: Oh look! Frenchy just jumped on STEAM...
2330h: Ah, good TF2 carnage online! I was on FIRE! Whooo! Oh snap, look at the time.
2331h: Restart Open Office install. Corrupted download?! AAARGH!
0030h: Finished downloading Open Office... again. Starting install.
0032h: YAY! Open the file now... start work.
0217h: Finished work. Yay. Off to bed.
0230h: Wake up wife. Wife angry. You no like wife when wife angry.
0300h: DD1 wakes up, crying, scared of the dinosaurs. Comes crawls into our bed.
0305h: Wife leaves our bed, crawls into DD1s bed.
0330h: DD2 wakes up, comes to our room. Crawls into bed with DD1 and Me. DD1 says the bed thing ever as DD2 wakes her up, she says "Daddy, you're lucky, now you have TWO Princesses in your bed!"
(I keep telling her that I'm the luckiest Daddy ever because now I have TWO Princesses since DD2 came home with us)

0400h: DD1 keeps getting woken up by DD2. I carry DD1 back to her room and put her back in her bed. Wife is in DD2s bed.
0430h: DD2 wakes up, very upset because Ma Ma is no where to be found... just the Yeti. I carry DD2 back to her room, put her in DD1s bed because Wife is in DD2s bed. I then carry DD1 BACK to our bed since DD2 is now in DD1s bed.
0444h: DD1 wakes me up, "Daddy, I can't sleep she says".
0700h: Up, and ready for work... oh snap! I have to get downtown for some forms for DD2!
0730h: Out the door, on the road... traffic... bah!
1024h: Arrive at work! Wow... do I ever feel like [BEEEEEEP].
1025h: Get coffee...
1026h: Get MORE coffee...
1027h: Just one more...
1028h: Yay... now I can start my day. I feel so rested and ready for whatever life may throw at me now!


Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world! Yes I'm tired. But its a good tired. Its a "gosh my kids are cute" kind of tired.