Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple Chinese Meals

Jenny (my co-worker who met us in Beijing) just passed on a couple very traditional and simple Chinese meals.

Rice Soup
1 Cup of Rice
10 Cups of water
Put it in the slow cooker over night
Its "like" congee, but a soup.
Can be had for breakfast as well.
Add some dried veg/fruit as a side dish with it.

Eggs quasi-Quiche
A couple of eggs in a little water
Mix it together (ala scrambled eggs)
Microwave until cooked
It should be like a quiche, but without any meet or vegs
Add a little soya-sauce on top when served

Egg Soup #1
Crack some eggs to a couple cups of boiling water
The eggs will stay somewhat together if the water is really boiling well.
Eat as a soup
If there are 5 people, use 5 eggs.

Egg Soup #2
Boil some water
Whisk some eggs together
While stirring the water, slowly add the eggs.
If water is boiling and eggs are stirred in slowly, they should form "noodle" like shapes.

I donno, those seem simple enough that even I might be able to make 'em!
When I asked about making Congee, she said, "Oh, that's too hard for you". :-)
Of course, I now HAVE to learn to make Congee and bring her some.

Thanks Jenny!

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  1. Hey thanks for these!

    Congee-- my understanding is that is basically over cooked rice-- in between the consistency of soup and stew.

    My "American" version-- make rice with extra water-- just keep adding water as the rice soaks it. Also add some kind of meat broth (I use whatever I have on hand-- chicken pork etc.) add some kind of leftover meat and veggies (again I use whatever I have on hand); add some salt to taste and soy sauce before serving. Josie loves it!

    Steamed eggs (American Style)-- scramble a couple eggs in a dish, add some soy sauce. Put this in a ceramic type bowl. Use a larger pot and cover the bottom with water, place the bowl of eggs in the larger pot, cover the pot and heat-up until the water is boiling/heavy simmer and cook until the eggs are steamed-- they really puff up. Josie loves this as well.

    I am interested in hearing how your "Canadian" versions turn out!