Sunday, December 13, 2009

... more thoughts on Loss...

Okay, one last post on Loss...

Continuing with the God-ly view of Adoption and Redemptive Love, some things are easier to see than others.

If a person was saved by Gods Redemptive Love who was living a life of a junkie strung out on many different addictions, it would seem easier to look at that person being "saved" by Gods grace and assume that they are "happier" because of Gods grace.

But if you were to look at someone saved who was a wealthy business man who seemed to have everything going well for him, would it still be easy to assume that he is "happier" than before Gods grace got a hold of him?

... I probably should have thought about this more before posting, so sorry if its a little disjointed...

To look at the businessman, maybe he gets called into a life of Preisthood... gives up his six figure salary, sells his big house and moves into a tiny little house thats falling apart and ekes out a meager existence as a Pastor of a small church... would he still be happy with Gods grace and redemptive love?

And what about the junkie? Although maybe he won't miss the life full of addictions and bad choices, there were undoubtedly people in their past that the loved are cared about and have a deep sense of loss about.

I guess when you stop to consider loss, there is no way to isolate, contain, or describe it. Someone may go from a life of riches to a life of meager existence and feel no loss, while some may come from a messy background and feel substantial loss... and or vice-verse.

So will I ever understand this deep sense of loss that our adopted children will have to deal with?

No. Of course not.

But I do know the One who can help make it better. I know the One who can take someone from rags to riches, or riches to rags, from one place to another, and fulfill all of their needs.

You only have to read the stories of people like Job to understand loss and how God deals with it. And from what I've read, I see God deals with loss in our lives like this: Its not about us. If there is loss, or gain, it is always to bring glory to God.

So has Ping had Loss?
Yes, absolutely!
Do I understand it? No.
Dose God understand it? Yup.
Dose God have a plan? Absolutely.
So what can I do about Pings loss? Just make sure I'm not in Gods way to let God do what God dose.

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