Monday, December 14, 2009

But Baba, I'm not tired...

There were some communication issues which were easier to work out
than others.

For instance, Pee pee dances ARE universal, you can always tell when a
child is tired (it's whenever they say "No I'm not"), so on and so

Then there are some things which are not quite so universal.

This weekend Ping wasn't feeling the best, and Sunday we had a bit of
a melt down. Nothing serious, but its amazing how the most simple of
things can be very difficult when you can not communicate.

As best as we can tell, Ping has a bit of a cold... coughing and
stuffy nose... so Sunday when she had a melt down, it was probably
over nothing more serious than "I'm not feeling well". Yet, it was
also the 1st time where we were not able to understand WHY she was

Was she scared? Hungry? Tired? Or just not feeling darn...

Again, I'm pretty sure it wasn't coffee related because I couldn't
understand what she was saying.

And driving to the store today in the car, she started crying because
she kicked her boot off. And although I was able to tell her I
understood what she was saying and being able to ask her to just wait
a bit and I would fix it, she still just decided to cry... I think
the lack of communication is starting to wear on her a bit.

I guess its just time to do our best to catch things before they
happen and try our best to make sure that she dosn't have to get
fustrated trying to communicate.

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  1. I think you're right. We were home a few weeks when I noticed Cheeky getting quiet. She didn't have meltdowns, but she was older and was able to control herself a bit more because of it.

    I think that around two or three weeks home the newness and excitement begins to wear off and our kids realize that they are stuck where they are forever. No going back to China for a noodle fix. No more communicating easily. No more smelling familiar smells and hearing familiar voices. Just a bunch of strangers who are now family.

    It's quite a shock to their little systems.

    And if they're not feeling well that makes it even worse.

    LOVE the picture of Ping. That's how I feel today! ;0)