Monday, December 14, 2009

... aaaaand, shes gone.

I have to go out Saturday.
Me: Really? Where... how long?
Wife: Everywhere and for the whole day.
Me: What? Why?
Wife: Because I've had a very cute little 4 year old hanging off me every day all day and I need a break!
Me: Oh. I see.
Wife: I deserve a break!
Me: I didn't say you didn't.
Wife: It dosn't make me a bad Mom.
Me: I didn't say it did.
Wife: Thats right it dosnt!
Me: I know.
Wife: And you should be damned glad when I come home!
Me: Oh yes, I'll be very happy. You are my little sunshine of hope and love.
Wife: And I'm leaving you the kids.
Me: How many?
Wife: All 4.
Me: All 4 kids.
Wife: Yup.
Me: With me.
Wife: Yup.
Me: You know Ping is gonna have issues with that.
Wife: Yup.
Me: Buuuut, you don't care since you are going out all day.
Wife: Yup.
Me: Greeeat.
Wife: But don't worry, I'll sneak out! She won't know I'm gone.
Me: Our child is smarter than a rock, she will notice you're gone after a bit.
Wife: Our boys would not have noticed.
Me: Our boys at that age were too busy finding new and interesting ways to launch stuff with a trebuchet.
Wife: Okay, I'm gone.

... 30 seconds later ...

Ping: Ma ma?
Me: Uhhhh... I'm the ma ma!
Ping: Bu yow!

... insert crying 4 year old for about 2 hours here ...

Me: You done?
Ping: Fine. If you're still here after that... I guess I'll let you take care of me.
Me: Great! Here, let me pick you up.
Ping: Bu YOW!

... more crying ...

Me: Here, have a Snickers bar.

... some time later ...

Wife: I'm home!
Me: Grrrreat.
Wife: How was everything? And why is the washer in the front yard?
Me: Grreeeeat... don't ask.
Wife: I just did.
Me: Here, take kids.
Wife: Are you kidding!? I'm exhausted from all the Christmas shopping!
Me: Really? Yea... you must be tired.
Wife: What are you making for super?
Me: Me? Oh gosh, I donno... I was thinking something along the lines of you take the crying children, with a little dash of whats left of my sanity on the side.
Wife: Mmmmm, how about Pizza? I'm gonna go sit down... call me when the pizza is ready.
Me: Right.
Ping: Ma ma?
Me: Oh yea, Ma ma's upstairs.
Ping: Oh, ma ma sleeping? (she really HAS figured this sentence out in english... its used alot lately)
Me: Yes Ping, Ma ma sleeping. C'mon, help me make some pizza.
Ping: Bu YOW!

Actually it wasn't that Bad. Ping noticed Ma Ma was gone, kind of got sad for about 10 minutes, then was fine. She played with me all day, and for the rest of the weekend, Ba ba was the new toy! :-)

We even went out for Cheesecake the other day together.

I don't think she liked Cheesecake. She didn't really eat any.
So I had to eat all the Cheesecake myself...

... I think we are going to go out for Cheesecake alot! :-)

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  1. Killin' myself laughing! Everyone loves you - Ping will get there soon enough.