Sunday, November 15, 2009

Went to Pings Orphange and Finding Spot

Nothing funny here with this blog...
I'm not going to try to put the pictures in order.
I'm sure I'll figure out something better to post later...

But today, we went to Zhongshan, where we went to our daughters orphanage, and finding spot.  We also visited a near by park (park is between orphanage and finding spot) - where our guide figures the kids may have come.

The Orphanage was just like in the pictures.  Beautiful and big.
The finding spot was at a Hospital just 300 or 400 meters away.

Our guide (Becky) told us, that this is a very nice orphanage, and that the mother had probably abandoned her baby at that specific hospital because then the baby would probably come to this orphanage.

As a fellow parent, how do you deal with that?  Even in the last act by the birth mother, she was trying to find a place to leave her child where she had the best possible chance to get to a good orphanage, and a safe place.

Then how do you deal with the emotion of realising that your child is just 50 feet away, and you can't say Hi, cant see her, touch her, feel her, hold her, kiss her, hug her... because there is a big steel gate between the two of you?!

 The going to their finding place, to know that they were left there, in a basket, just crying... waiting to be found.  You just can't deal with it.

If I think about our other daughter, Gemma who is 5, I can not imagine what she would be thinking being in that orphanage... its like Shock.  It is like Physical Shock where you just can not process anything more.  Thats what it feels like.

But we did find out some interesting things about the city and who it was named after.  The city is named after the person who led the 1911 Rebellion (against the Chin Dynasty?, and the mod leaders) and who is considered the Father of Modern Democoracy in China.

The city itself is beautiful and lovely.  And there is a part of me that is glad about that.

The orphange is set up in some hills, the view is georgeous!  There are lush plants and flowers everywhere.

It was a stark contrast from the very industrial setting of Guangzhou.

Anyway, I need sleep... need to process more of this before tomorrow.

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  1. The vue is beautiful and the orphanage seems so nice and clean. Not the kind of orphanage we would imagine. She'is in good hands ! That's great !!

    Fran & Terry