Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Test Post Via Email

Trying to find a way around the Great FIREwall of China if required.

Delete me later.



  1. Adrian, I used the email method to post the whole time we were in China with no probs. Pictures as attachments will come out fine in your posts here. We will be thinking of you guys...and following along of course. Just a side note....I made it to the top at the wall....just sayin' :-)

  2. What?! Was that a "throw down"?! Was that a gauntlet thrown down before me?!

    Not only will I climb to the top of the wall, I'll add another 100meters onto it!

    ... oh who am I kidding. This Programmer Physique will be lucky if I make it up the 1st set of Stairs. :-)

    PS: Is there a Starbucks at the Top? Maybe Oxygen? Gondolla back down?! Anything?! :-)

    PPS: Thanks for the info on the attachments... I didn't know how I would be able to add pictures.

  3. Ok now I have to chime in for sure more on the later part of the first comment but here is my input on the topic at hand. GOOD LUCK with posting on your blog from China...I couldn't access my e-mail at all.....they found a way to block it somehow....and when I posted from my Crackberry I knew it would cost a fortune...and it did ;O)gulp.
    As for the climb...We made it to the top. And our 4 year old that walked from the top down......just saying :o)