Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Pictures So Far...

Wife, kid, a bunch of the FOIers...
Theres a picture of our one guide who met us at the airport, lets call Her Vivian.  Although I'm pretty sure thats not her real name.
Theres a picture of Yulin and our other guide Faith as well.

We went for some noodles for diner!  That was a riot!
They made the noodles right in front of us, some la mein(?) noodles.  Traditional noodles pulled long, and then pulled longer again... and they keep pulling until there are many thin strands of noodles!  So very entertaining to watch. 

|'m lucky if I can roll out a Pillsburry Dough Boy Crust without it getting all messed up.

Oh, and the food just kept on coming!  And coming... and coming... ungh!  So much food!

... that I coudln't EAT cuz all I had were Chopsticks!  :-)

Ah well, at least I had some practice with the sticks before we left Ottawa.

Hopefully the pictures work.

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