Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures of Day 1 with Ping

After we got back from the Government Office, we spent some time
playing in our Hotel room, then going to the restaurant for diner.
After that, it was back to the room for the bedtime routine.
Even ge ge Kole was tired and fell asleep in the couch sitting up.
Ping loved to brush her teeth - mimicing her mother on every stroke.
She also LOVED the Bubble Bath! It was 15 minutes of pure laughter
and giggles as she kept squishing the bubbles!

PS: Terri, Fran, Henry + Yuan - She LOVED all the gifts from the baby
shower! The Barbie doll was opened instantly and she combed Barbies
hair until it all stood stright up. The View Master thing was the 1st
"ice breaker" in that she had to let Ge Ge Kole help her use it. And
the jar full of beads to make necklaces, well, that was the 1st thing
she would do with me. She sat me down in the evening and had me make
necklaces beside her. Wonderful gifts! Thank you again!


  1. Honestly she looks totally happy and calm with you. Bath time is always fun with bubbles!

  2. That's so great ! We're so happy for you guys !!! Actualy, to tell you the truth , you made us want to adopt in China !! So, maybe for the 4th one, I already called Bob to get info....

    Fran & Terry

  3. What joy - she's finally home! Congrats!