Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its the routine things... like Family Movie Night

Every family has traditions.
We may not call them traditions.
But thats what they are.
Whether its a Dad who chases their kids around with a water hose.
Or a Mom who bakes cookies every Saturday morning.
In our family, the wife who keeps finding reasons to get her husband out of thier nice warm comfy bed for silly reasons... but thats for a different blog...

A couple years ago... okay, it feels like many years ago... another family was telling us about thier Family Nights.  Where all the children and parents gather round, read a Bible story, then act it out.  They built and Arc in thier basement.  
Walked around the walls of Jerico and made them fall.
The children would play and laugh until, finally at last, they fell fast asleep, snuggled fast and secure in thier parents arms from the sheer exhaustion of the fun they had that day.


So we adopted that theme for our own.
Except instead of doing all those wonderful things, we drop rocks off a bridge at cars passing below, then try to outrun the cops... 

Okay, fine, we don't do that... often.

But every Saturday night, we make pizza, sit down as a family and cuddle on the couches while watching a movie... lately, movies with Johnny Depp in them.  Donno why that is.  Huh.  I'll have to think about that later.

Anyway, while here, we decided to try to keep the magic alive!

Wife:  Go order us some Pizza!
Me:  As you wish.

I wander down to reception.

Me:  Hi.
Hotel Clerk #1:  Hello!
Me:  Can I get the phone number for Pizza Hut?
HC #1:  Sure!  Here.
Me:  Thanks.

Well, THAT was easy... huh, easier then getting a power cord.

Me:  *dials pizza hut number*
Pizza Hut Girl:  Wei, na wei!
Me:  Ni Hao.  Do you speak english?
PHG:  No!
Me:  Ah, is there someone there who can?
PHG:  No!
Me:  Xie xie.  *click*
Me:  Sorry baby.  They don't speak english.  
Wife:  Well, go down stairs and get the receiptionist to call for you.  Go hunting and gather for pizza!
Me:  Sure.

Oh snap... like 2 tour busses of Japanese tourists just showed up.  The lineup for the receiptionists is crazy long!  I'm not waiting that long for Pizza.

Me:  Sorry babe.  A tour bus of Japanese just showed up... counter is swamped!
Wife:  How do you know they are Japanese?
Me:  They look Chinese, but are loud and rowdy.
Wife:  You're a moron.
Me:  You don't know that for sure.
Wife:  No, you are.  Call Becky and see if she can help you order the pizza.
Me:  Sure.  *dials Beckys number*
Becky:  Hello?
Me:  Hey, this is Adrian Berzenji.  I'm trying to order a pizza, but they only speak Chinese.
Becky:  Are you hungry?
Me:  Yes.  Very much so.
Becky:  Goto desk, they speak Chinese.
Me:  Right.  Thanks.

So I go back downstairs...

Me:  Hi.
HC #1:  Hi!
Me:  Hi.  *again, they are SO enthuastic when they say HI I can't help by say hello again!*
HC #1:  HI!
Me:  Um, I tried to call Pizza Hut to order pizza, but they only speak Chinese.
HC #1:  Ah.
Me:  You speak chinese right?
HC #1:  Yes.
Me:  Greaaaat!  Can you help me order the pizza?
HC #1:  Ah yes.  What you want?
Me:  Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut.
HC #1:   Ahhhhh, what is that?
Me:  *Great!  She speaks chinese, but not english!*  Meat?

HC #1 grabs a book... starts flipping through it... comes to a phone number... dials it... starts speaking chinese.  I can figure out enough that they are talking about the pizza I guess... and its Mandarin cuz I can hear alot of "yow, may yow" as they try to figure out what they have, and what I asked for. 

After about 2 minutes of this, a 2nd Hotel Clerk girl comes running over, and starts yelling at HC #1.  Now, I know if you don't know the language, and if they speak fast, it all sounds like yelling, but I get the distinct feeling that HC #2 was HC #1 supperiour and did not like her helping me while the rowdy Japanese were still trying to check in.  HC #2 finally went running off... to return a minute later, and start jabbering at HC #1 again.  At this point HC #1 quickly hung up the phone and asked me to wait while a menu arrived.

I'm pretty sure that they sent someone by bicycle to the Pizza Hut just to get me a manu... because about 4 or 5 minutes later, a menu arrived from Pizza Hut.  I looked though it, and slipped past the chicken head soup, and rice dishes, looking for the actual Pizza.  I found them on the back page, circled 2 pizzas - one which I THINK is pepperoni and the other Hawaiian... it was hard to say from the very little pictures.

I passed the menu back to HC #1 who informed me that she would order them for me, and have them delivered to my room.

At the end of it all, it took only a little more than 1 1/2 hours to get our Pizza ordered and delivered.

Oh, and when the Pizza finally DID come, I tried to tip the delivery guy, and he refused, so I pressed and pressed for him to take it, finally he takes the tip, but hands me this little baggie from his pocket - I was thinking maybe crushed garlic?!  But I didn't want any, so I gave him back the baggie, and he handed me back the tip.  Then it dawned on me, that may have been drugs...  Oh well, good thing I gave it back?

We then settled down on the bed, and watched our movie while eating very greasy Chinese Pizza Hut Pizza.  Just like a Saturday night should be.

Maybe next weekend, Ping can order the pizza for us and save me alot of running around.  :-)

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  1. What a journey to get a pizza, it's so funny how we live in 2 differents world. I'll know for the tips !