Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its 12:04 AM... Do you Know Where Your Daughter is?

I've had to answer NO to that question more times than I would have liked too.

And I'm sure in another 14 years, I will be answering NO to that question again... more times than I would have liked too.

But today... yes today, I can say, I know where my daughter is.

She is but a few mere hours away from us.  Less than 200kms away.

And at 2:15pm China time, we will be heading to the Guangzhou Government Offices to meet her for the 1st time.

I can not wait my baby!

Mommy and Daddy are coming!  
And we love you SO much!

So much more than you can imagine!!!


  1. I can't wait to see more new pictures of Jade !! I'm sure she must be waiting for you too guys !! Few more hours and the wait will be over !

    Fran & Terry

  2. It's hard to believe the time is almost here... a few hours and 200 km!! You all look so happy, and we are so, SO, happy for you! Thanks for posting. We can hardly wait to hear about meeting the newest member of your family. Hugs and much love to you all!!

  3. Wow! I have goosebumps for you! How exciting you will be hugging your girl very soon! I hope your first meeting is everything you hope for and more!

  4. Exciting day for you! We're all being excited along with you!!

  5. Hi Roberta and Family! I'm loving your blog and enjoying your husband's amusing play-by-play of your days. I cannot wait to see you with your daughter. I'm hoping Shelley can get us some pictures of Ma Xue on Thursday. Until then, I'll jealously live through your blog.