Friday, November 13, 2009

Fwd: Made it To Beijing!

So far, so good!

The travelling has been smooth for us, and on each stop, we seemed to pick up more FOIers!
By the time we left Vancouver I think there were about 4 or 5 families all on the same flight!
Some from as far away as Halifax who had been travelling now for well over 27 hours straight! 
Wow!  Its like a Marathon of travelling!  Or an episode of The Amazing Race... even without Dean Cooper.  Which is good... cuz I don't like that Cooper guy, he creeps me out.

But on a side note, I have never seen so many beautiful people before in my whole life!  This whole country is beautiful!  Why did I wait 30+ years to Come to China?!

PS:  Gmail == Works, however == Fail, and == Fail


  1. Finaly you're there !!! Enjoy it ! China must be spectacular.


  2. Glad to hear your there safe and sound! Now go get your girl!!!!Yay!!!
    When people look at you trying to find out why a white couple has a little Chinese girl just say "Neenya" Like "El Nena" it means we'll get the thumbs up and they will be happy for you...just a tip I picked up while we were there.
    Have fun!!!