Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Email From China?! What Works?

Okay, who *has* successfully sent emails while in China? And what did you use...
A little last minute... but I've still for 6 hours before I get on the plane...

So yea, Gmail? HotMAIL? Whats been working for y'all.



  1. No clue, but interested to find out since I'll be going in the summer.

    Anyways, Congratulations, from Germany.

  2. I get emails from China all the time from someone who uses hotmail. Also, I heard that there is a program/utility going around the university age crowd that allows you to bypass the blocks on blogs in China. You might want to discreetly ask around about this.

  3. hotmail worked for me Adrian.

    Oh and I almost forgot....I took the harder of the two options at the wall. I went up the left side. Just sayin'......

  4. Left side eh? ;-)

    Alright, well, I've setup a HotMAIL account now as well.

  5. Oh yes, please let me know. I use gmail, so I am hoping it will work from there.

    Happy Travels!