Saturday, November 28, 2009

And Today, I made my Daughter Cry...

----- REWIND: 4 or so days -----

But I could NOT have been happier!

I had to run out in the evening, and when I said "good bye" Ping cried
and cried and cried!

I've never been so happy to make one of my children cry before!

Today was filled with random cuddles, a first.

The odd kiss on the hand, a first.

And some open arms to pick her up and carry her, another first.

So today was full of some great first. But I think seeing her cry was
the best 1st so far. Just to know that she is already wanting me that
much, well, it felt kind of good.

Now, her mother cries alot as well, but it seems to be more when I
come home... :-)

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