Friday, November 6, 2009

5 Days...!!!

And I think I am now officially... scatter brained!

And in lieu of having my camera to take all those wonderful pictures yesterday, I've decided to hire a troop of mimes to re-enact the whole day and the going ons.

Tee-hee! HaaaHAAAA!! Oh MAN! These mines are GREAT! Look! That ones stuck in a box!

Oh... wait, you can't see them. Okay, new plan... I'll draw some pictures of what happened yesterday. I only hope I can re-capture the magic and emotion of the day...

Well, first I went to CHEO to get the Cleft Bottles...

After fighting through the crowds, I found a nurse to help me get the bottles

And left with 2 boxes of bottles... YAY!

I then went to see Rob after work to borrow his money belt from their trip to China...

And also got to meet their new daughter Clarissa (did I spell that right?)

And she IS very cute! :-)


  1. Yep the spelling is correct.....and wow....I don't even remember you taking the picture while you were here. Yer pretty quick! You'll have to send me the picture so that I can add it to her photo album. Clarissa keeps mentioning how happy she was to meet you, and that Ping is very lucky.

  2. Yea, I'm pretty handy with a camera. :-)