Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are they TRYING to scare me?! :-)

So my co-workers who are Chinese have been "encouraging" me about our trip to China.

Yeeees, they have been giving me wonderful tips like:
  • Make sure you get your HEP A+B Shots
  • Bring Lots of Kleenex
  • Bring your own Toilet Paper
  • Use your Kleenex to stuff in your nose, it may smell bad
  • Don't eat at the normal restaurants
  • Make sure you use the washroom before you leave the hotel
  • Toilet Paper is hard to find
  • You're going to Zhongshan? Oh. Oh no, I'm sure that's safe.
  • You will have a guide right?
  • There's no way you should leave the hotel without a guide
  • If you need a Taxi, as a Policeman
  • Whatever the waiter brings to the table, send it back - they charge for everything, including the napkins and chopsticks
  • No, they do that to everyone, even the Chinese
  • Don't ask why you should use the Policeman, just trust me.
  • When you are at the Great Wall of China, look for poisionous spiders before touching anything
  • Yes, they can kill you.
  • No, I'm not sure if they taste good.
  • Don't eat the spider.
  • I'm serious.
  • Stop asking if you can eat the spider!
  • Why am I still talking to you?!
You may get the idea how the conversation went from there.

I think they were getting all excited that I would be scared to travel to China - but really, its just making me more excited! :-)

Giddy up! Spiders or no, I'm all excited to go get Ping!

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