Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks for the Chaos!

Well, its been a pretty busy couple of weeks at work. And I'm actually pretty thankful for that.
Mostly because it has provided a distraction from the constant 'calendar watching'.

Don't get me wrong, I still know we are 6 weeks into waiting for our LOA... but the 1st 4 weeks went a lot slower than these last 2 weeks... they just flew by in comparison.

So yea, Thanks for the chaos. It helps time go by.

I wonder though, how is the chaos for those families who went to China recently to meet their children for the 1st time?

Is time flying by for them? Do they even remember what day of the week it is?
Or is time crawling by as they soak in every possible moment just staring at their new child?
Is the chaos stressful? Scary? Enjoyable?

And what is the chaos for the little ones?
Are they excited and scared at the same time?
Are the days rushing by as they meet their new parents, say good bye to friends (Okay, maybe the 9 month old new born won't be saying good bye, but those who are adopting toddlers)?

Chaos! Glorious Chaos! The rusing around to and fro, government offices, embassies, paper work, the Great Wall, more paper work, not understanding a darned thing anyone says (even when they do speak English), finding out what it was that you just ate, more paper work, more travel, regretting that you even asked to find out what it was that you just ate...

Oh the chaos!

I can not imagine what it will be like to be in China finally meeting Ping.
I can not wait for it (although, I have to).
I am sure that it will be chaos, controlled chaos (hopefully), but I can't wait for it.

I guess some chaos we run from, longing for a sense of stability and rightness...

I can't speak for every adoptive parent out there, but I know for myself, this is one big ball of chaos that I can't wait to run into heart first!

PS: The picture of my wife grinning so innocently above, how is that related to chaos you may ask? Well, next to this whole adoption thingy, she is the biggest ball of chaos I've ever met. Huh, I guess I really do love chaos. :-)


  1. As one of the just back parents let me give my answers to questions in paragraphs 2 and 3:

    -No (I barely know what time of day let alone which day)
    -Yes (I know contradicts answer to question one, but as weird as it sounds time is quick and slow at the same time)
    -Yes. Yes. and Oh yes enjoyable enough to forget the previous two questions)
    -With love and attention it is noticably lessened for them each day.
    -I would say yes. "I don't know who these strange looking new people are, but boy are giving me alot of attention and taking good care of me!!!"
    -Days must be flying by for Clarissa 'cause she doesn't like to go to sleep. Likely partly because she's afraid it will all go away.

    That's my take.

  2. Errr make that paragraphs 5 & 6......

  3. Rob, awesome replies! Thanks so much for adding/answering those questions! :-) Congrats and welcome home

    (I'll swing by your blog to catch up in case you don't come back and read the comments again)