Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If My Arms Could Reach To China

NOTE: I process things through music, its just my way. While I was playing guitar tonight, these simple words just came flooding out of the music. I'm not saying they are good words, nor good music, but the music helps me process "stuff". And since I have a blog, and you have decided to read it, I shall subject you to it. :-)

If my arms could reach to China,
I'd wrap you up tonight.
And if my heart could soar to the heavens,
I'd be with you tonight.

How much longer must I wait?
One day is just to long.

While you're sleeping in China,
You're my dream come true.
While I'm waking in this waiting,
I'm still dreaming of you.

How much longer must I wait?
To hold you in these arms?

Cuz when my arms reach to China,
All ours dreams are true.