Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Pictures (says the Wife)

(Pics: PRIDE Course, Family - 1 (Ping still missing))

You know, I was looking at our blog, and thought maybe I could make a suggestion?
Me: Can I stop you?
Wife: I couldn't help but notice that other blogs have pictures in them.
Me: Right, ours has some pictures.
Wife: Yea, but other blogs have like, lots of pictures!
Me: I'm going to guess that other blogs aren't being written on their lunch breaks far far away from all pictures of their family.
Wife: Well that's just poor planning on your part then.
Me: *siiiigh* Right, more pictures.
Wife: I'm not trying to tell you what to do.
Me: No no. Of course not.
Wife: Because I'm not a nagging wife.
Me: No, not at all.
Wife: I could be a nagging wife. Do you want me to be a nagging wife?
Me: Maybe you don't have to nag because I actually do stuff.
Wife: Like my bathroom which is still waiting to be re-done?
Me: Well, I can tell where this conversation is going. I'm just gonna go put more pictures on the blog. It's cheaper than re-doing the bathroom.
Wife: And we really have to finish off Pings room and our walk-in closet before Ping arrives!
Me: Right, because a walk-in closet is exactly what every child wants for their mother.
Wife: Did you say something?
Me: Oh no! I'm just posting pictures. Looooots of pictures.

Anyway, on that topic... I do hope the blog is working out well for everyone reading it. I mean, I enjoy blogging... which still surprises me.

And since my wife is making suggestions, is there anything else the blog is missing? Feel free to leave some constructive comments in the 'comments' section for any other ways the blog can be improved.

PS: Suggestions such as "stop blogging", or "get a new writer" are not really the ones I'm looking for. :-) However, comments like "boy you rock!", or "how did you get so rough and rugged!?" are always welcome. :-)


  1. The wife was right. You did need more photos!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The child on the farthest left in the really old family picture is our neice btw.

  3. I always enjoy your take on life. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your blog when you go to get Ping.

    Our DD is from the south of China and she has survived two cold Thunder Bay winters without a complaint.